Easterfest 2015 – My Favourite Image



This is my favourite image from my visit to Easterfest 2015 in Toowoomba. Here’s why … 

It’s not the most exciting action shot nor is it technically an amazing image … Is not a band in full flight with the lead singer in the mosh pit. In fact, even though thousands of people spent the weekend in the rain and the mud, my favourite image doesn’t have a single human being visible.

DSCN1005I took this image at the end of Saturday night after watching Switchfoot play on the main stage. We then dodged the mud pit of a path to get back to the front gate and I looked back up the hill where hundreds of people were sloshing their way out of the venue. It had been raining very heavily for a few hours and had then eased off almost entirely while the main headline band played. I noticed then this scene above me.

This image is simply two bunches of umbrellas attached to some scaffold. If you look closely there are electrical cables and lights and also some of the kilometre of handsewn bunting which lined the walkways.

The reason this is my favourite image is because over the weekend the recurring theme that I kept hearing was about the love and commitment that the hundreds of volunteers have for this event. The people who sat for six months sewing small triangles of material, those who brainstormed, designed and created the umbrella bunches and the tradesmen who made sure that they could be lit safely in the rain.

It’s the volunteers and the people who go above and beyond that make an event like Easterfest special. They are the touches that make the space feel creative and special even though the budget does not allow for a professional scene designer.

So this is my favourite photo for all these reasons … Looking forward to Easterfest 2016.

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