Youth Ministry

Simply Youth Ministry

From Saddleback church’s youth ministry stable, this web site provides some good articles relating to youth ministry and has links to the Simply Youth Ministry resources. It’s also the web page for the Group magazine, which provides some articles, but you have to be a subscriber to get older articles.


An Australian web site that publishes daily articles on Christian life for teenagers. Stacks of videos and articles that looks to be a bit of a one stop for connecting teens with culture and faith. Aims towards those seeking and young Christians, could be used as a discipleship tool for resourcing teens.

Word 4 U Today

This site is all about encouraging young people to engage with scripture. It’s run by UCB and you can order free daily devotions from them either by getting a stack to hand out, or encourage your young people to order their own. It also has the same devotional material online.

Youth Pastor

General Youth ministry web site with articles, games and helps of all kinds for youth ministry

Youth Ministry Ideas

General Youth ministry web site with articles, games and helps of all kinds for youth ministry

Youth Ideas

Fairly basic web site with games and studies and a good area on illustrations and

Youth Worker

Ideas, bible studies, resources and articles. Fairly full and helpful web site for youth ministers that is the web site for the US Youth Worker magazine.

Centre for Parent Youth Understanding

This is a fantastic web site that aims to look at the current culture and how young people are changing in today’s society. Loads of different articles and helps, including links to other helpful sites on culture and youth understanding.

Youth Specialties

Aiming to equip youth ministries, this organisation has published lots of materials that are of great benefit to the youth ministry world. This web site is mainly an advertisement for what they sell, but has regular freebies and articles that will be of great help.

Pastor 2 Youth

Has a great Youth Ministry Exchange section where you can search for studies, games, almost anything that other youth ministries have used and posted.

The Source

This is one of the best web sites for games that you’ll find, veteran youth minister Jonathan McKee hosts the site which also has helpful articles and leaders training

Youth Ministry News

A terribly formatted site, but chocked full of all the latest from a bunch of other Youth Ministry web sites. Good central place to get started.

Youth Ministry 360

This web site tries to meet all the needs of a youth ministry by providing bible studies, resources, training, networking opportunities and a community of youth workers.


This group has grown out of Andy Stanley’s North Point Community Church and has an amazing amount of curriculum from preschool all the way through to young adults. You can download leaders training and youth group materials that have a message and small group materials. Also includes some videos and suggests drama and songs to match the study. Very well thought out and visually well marketed site.

Philosophy of Youth Ministry

This web site might not be what you agree with, but a good place to be challenged about what we do and why we do it… something we need to have good answers for.

Ideas for Making Disciples

This blog has a lot of well thought through suggestions on how to develop disciples.


Another blog with a lot of good thinking towards youth ministry.

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