Getting Stuff Done

PDF to Word

Does exactly that, converts a PDF file into a word document


Free Software that you install to download YouTube and other online videos onto your computer. Especially useful to edit videos and make sure you have them for next time. This program can also do batch downloads and save to different file types.

There are many other online programs that do this like or

Any Video Converter

Free Software that allows you to convert video into a number of different formats. Convert video from your mobile phone or rip only the audio off a DVD!

DVDVideoSoft Free Studio

Free software that does a number of media jobs including downloading videos, burning DVD’s and converting media.


Online File Storage has come a long way, there are lots of great places for this and many for free. This one has a very good look to it and is easy to use. You can also use many of these sites to share files between people… gone are the days of burning to a CD!


This is another online file storage site, not as pretty but has larger free upload amount.

LG D-Text-er

Do you come up against text jargon that you don’t understand?? This web site will allow you to enter the text and it will decipher it for you.

Urban Dictionary

This is another site that can help with youth jargon, especially of the American kind… it’s also very funny to see what some people class as part of the English language! (some definitions are R rated)

Viral Friday

This is a great web site that takes the top 5 videos that have gone viral that week! See what the people in your church, youth group and community are looking at, it could be a great connection point as an illustration or conversation starter!

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