Youth Ministry Consultancy

In Youth Ministry, or any other ministry, an important part of knowing who we are and where we’re heading, is developing a picture of what our future could look like, and developing a plan to get there.

But often we neglect to articulate this vision of the ministry we’re leading and put it into action.  We would love to help you to do this!

We all need a vision and to have the picture of our future articulated and in front of us.

“Without a vision, the people perish”  Proverbs 29:18

Sometimes we all need help to be able to express what we believe are our plans, and to be able to take our leadership team on this journey.  One of the biggest leadership mistakes that we can make is to have our vision and our goals in our minds only.

Understanding, owning and putting our vision into action, not just for ourselves as leaders, but for the team we’re leading is very important.  Our team will not know where they are heading unless we allow them to be a part of the vision.  There will be confusion unless this happens and they won’t know whether what they’re doing as leaders is really making any difference.

“Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world” Nelson Mandela

We would love to help you in the process of working through your vision, goals and strategies, and to do this with your leadership team.  Imagine how powerful it would be, for you as the Youth Ministry leader and your team to be absolutely sold out on the vision for your Youth Ministry and to put this into action.

Consultancy Schedule

Session What’s covered
Session 1(2 hrs) Discovering the Youth Ministry with the Youth Leader:The Youth Leader – background, skills and gifting; the leader’s personal vision; an understanding of the church context.

The Youth Ministry Team

The Youth Leader’s Vision for the Youth Ministry and short and long term goals

Session 2(3.5 hrs) Discovering the Youth Ministry with the Youth Ministry Team:A Vision for your Youth Ministry – What is the dream for the future?  Articulating this Vision

Long term goals for the Youth Ministry – Articulating the strategic thinking and planning – Articulate the goals

Session 3(2.5 hrs) Developing a plan to address:What is happening now? What needs to happen to realise their future?

Short term Goals and strategies for the Youth Ministry


Session 1 to be done before meeting with the Leadership Team.

Sessions 2 and 3 could be done in a day workshop.


Cost: $650 inc GST (non-members) OR $550 inc GST (members)

Our consultants will send setup a call to begin the process and attend in person on the day. Travel expenses for long distance travel would need to be negotiated.

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