Angry Penguin



Blow up several balloons beforehand.  You will need one balloon per every 4-6 kids, and may want to blow up extra in case some get popped.


non-helium balloons

How to Play:

Divide the group into teams of 4-6 and have them link arms. One player on the team faces inside the circle, the other players face outside the circle. In the middle of the team on the floor by their feet is a balloon. AKA the “penguin egg”. The object is to pop the balloons of other teams using only your feet, while also protecting your own balloon from being popped. They also must keep their arms linked. Your balloon does not have to stay in your team’s circle (but it is safer there). Once a team’s balloon is popped, they’re out. Last team standing wins.

Thanks to for this game.  Check out more games on their site.


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