Media and Visuals

Muddy River Media

Provides free video illustrations that are good quality and sometimes funny too! You can view them on YouTube, then download them from the site once you log in.


Get creative with your mail outs, power points or booklets with this web site that lets you create your own cartoons! Either pick a bunch of pictures and insert your own words, or upload your own pictures to make a comic.


Creates fantastic graphics based on the words that you give it. If you’re doing a certain topic, you can get a bunch of words that connect and make a picture out of it, or how about getting your youth group names inputted in and make a word picture out of them!

Andrea Mosaic

Free software that allows you to pick any number of photos as your library, then to choose one photo to make a mosaic out of. With a number of different powerful options available, this can create amazing personalised graphics that young people can actually see themselves in the background of! You can also use it for gifts after a camp or at the end of the year for leaders with all the photos from that year in it.


The next level of presentations, kind of a PowerPoint 2.0 that you zoom and pan around your workspace, you can have videos embedded and cool looking themes. Takes longer to make a presentation, but the end result is fantastic!

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