Camera Phone Scavenger Hunt


Thanks for this game.  Check this website out for more excellent games.

I’m a fan of implementing technology that students love rather than taking it away from them. I think that’s why I like cell phone scavenger hunts… and probably why the students do too.


  1. A list of things for students to take pictures of.

How to Play:

  1. Break students into teams.  Groups of 5-10 works best. Give the students a copy of the list of items and a time limit depending on how difficult your list is.
  2. Students find the items on your list and take a picture of it on their cell phones.
  3. Students are not allowed to draw a picture of an item on your list and take a photo of that drawing
  4. For every minute a team is late in coming back at the designated time, an item is deducted off their final list.
  5. When it comes time to score, have a master list ready and call out your items, have the students come up front with their photo. The same photo cannot be used for more than one thing.

Pro Tips:

  1. There’s currently several hundred pictures on my phone. To make sure students aren’t using older pictures in their phone… tell them all of their teammates (except the photographer) must be in the photo. This also slows them down and makes them travel as a group. Which is good bonding time!
  2. Do easy things but do complicated or embarrassing things too like “a photo of a male teammates wearing lipstick (fully applied).”  This will ensure those photos make it online. Which is free advertising for your group.

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