5 Tips for Running a Great Facebook Page


Social media is everywhere these days and those in youth ministry neglect it at their peril. Here we offer 5 ways that you can more effectively use a facebook page.


Facebook is a great way to get information out and quickly if you need to. Post all the details of your events, times, places, changes of plan etc to the page and ask followers to spread it around. Its a good way for people to follow what’s happening even from a distance and without any commitment. You can also use some other facebook features such as events with invitations and rsvp facilities.


people icons with colorful dialog speech bubbles

people icons with colorful dialog speech bubbles

You can post questions to your community and even have very active discussion about planning, programming ideas and current events. Post an article or video and allow people to comment or follow up on a theme that you have been exploring in person.

Building Community

Community builds as members discover more about each other and accept that new information positively. Ask permission to profile certain people or things that the group members are doing. Remind people about achievements and special dates like birthdays, graduations etc

Over time this online information contributes to the real relationships in the group and can be used to bring attention to members who don;t always get recognition in the larger group.

Boost Posts

By default facebook only shows your posts to a select group of your followers and if people don’t engage with any of your posts by clicking Like, Comment or Share they will stop seeing your posts all together. Boosting posts can allow you to get crucial or more important information to more of your group and if they share it you will find most people can see it.

You can select a custom amount to boost by from as little as $1.

Be Regular

We recommend posting daily if possible but at least 3-4 times per week. As mentioned above, not everyone sees each post and so its usually not too overwhelming to post daily. Vary the times of day too so that you can share the posts to more people … some people check at particular times each day.

The easiest way to maintain a great valuable feed of posts is to have a schedule that you stick to with times, types of posts and then to add them ahead of time with the facebook schedule function. It means you can complete all your posts for the week in about 10-15 mins each Monday morning and then its on autopilot.

Lastly …

It doesn’t have to be facebook either but I suggest you choose 1 social platform and try to focus it as your official discussion/interaction space. In many cases and especially with younger groups, a good official website may in fact be much better and safer as students are more likely to be allowed to participate.



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