Extreme Paper Scissors Rock

You can play Rock Paper Scissors with two big teams and an element of tag thrown in.  This game would be great on a Youth Camp as well!
Materials:  None
The 3 rock, paper, scissors moves are:
Rock beats scissors.
Scissors beats paper.
Paper beats rock.
How To Play
On a large oval, split the group into two teams. Make sure there is a halfway point that is recognizable.  In the back of each team’s side, make sure there is another “end zone” area that is recognizable.Teams will huddle up and decide which of the paper, scissors rock moves they will do. When both teams have decided, they approach the center line and with the help of the facilitator, they all say “Paper…Scissors…Rock” together and perform their action (it can be fun to have the actions much bigger than normal – such as their whole bodies turning into rocks, or giant scissors, or big pieces of paper).
Read the rest of this game here (with a variation to the name)  This game is from youthgroupgames.org.

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