Catch the dragon’s tail


The object of the game: The first person in the line (the dragon’s head) captures the dragon’s tail (scarf) from the last person in line.

Where to play:  You will need a large area for this game – can be played inside or outside.
What you’ll need: A large scarf or piece of material (or for teams, have a number of scarves)
Time to play: from 20 mins onwards.  Stop when they’ve had enough!!  It will go for longer if you are playing in teams.

If you have around 10 – 20 kids you can play this in one team.

Have all the kids line up and make a congo line (hands on the waist of the person in front of them. The last person (the dragon’s tail) in line tucks one end of the scarf in his/her back pocket, belt, or waistband. The first person (dragon’s head)  in line tries to capture the scarf.

When the “head” gets the “tail”, they put the scarf in their back pocket, belt or waistband and becomes the new tail. The person second in line becomes the head.

If you have more than 20 kids than you play this in teams. Each dragon head is trying to get the tail of another dragon (team), but the tail needs to look out, as a another dragon head will be trying to capture their scarf!!

Have fun!!!


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