PODCAST #7 – Working to Bring People Together from Different Faiths



This month we speak with an Aussie living in the UK about working with young people from a variety of faiths and cultures … Its a great practical chat with Tim Fawssett.

In early 2010 my family and I relocated from Brisbane to Birmingham in the UK, for me to join a brand new charity started by Scripture Union called The Feast. Before this I had spent nearly 10 years with SU Queensland, based on the southside of Brisbane supporting the growth of school chaplaincy and developing camping and missions programmes

To read more about The Feast’s work and approach, check out Tim’s article on  Ideas on Engaging Well with Young People of other Faiths.




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myYouthLeader is a community of people involved in Christian youth ministry … in churches, schools and the community. Our goal is to connect like-minded people and facilitate the sharing of inspiration, resources and to support each other. We are Australian focused and inter-denominational. We will also offer access to some specialist services such as coaching, training and more.

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