Heroes vs Supervillains


This is just a fun game, but you could easily use it as a teaching tool.

Materials:  4 hoola hoops;  supervillain and superhero full costumes or shirts (optional)

How to play the game:

  1. Place the hoola hoops on opposing sides of the room. These are the Supervillains hideouts.
  2. Out of the group choose a Superhero, a Supervillain, & everyone else becomes the townsfolk.
  3. The Supervillain needs to select their Supervillain name (which they yell out each time they catch a townsfolk). The Superhero needs to select their Superhero name (which the townsfolk will yell out whenever they are freed by the Superhero).
  4. The Supervillain begins the game in one of their hideouts. The Superhero begins on the opposite side. the townsfolk begin scattered in the middle.
  5. This game is played like a “Cat & Mouse” type game. the townsfolk begin by all taking 2 steps in any direction, followed by the Supervillain who takes 3 steps, and followed by the Superhero who takes 3 steps as well.
  6. The aim of the townsfolk is to avoid everyone. The Supervillain must tag each of the townsfolk, who must move to the nearest hideout to await the Superhero. The Superhero must free each of the captured townsfolk & catch the Supervillain.

The game ends when either the Supervillain captures all the townsfolk, or the Superhero tags the Supervillain.




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